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Heusden-Zolder: a paradise for cyclists


The cycleroutenetwork Limburg (2000 km) consists of numerous cycle routes which are connected through loops by an extremely user-friendly signpostingsystem. The networks include bordercrossing into the Netherlands.
From junction to junction you are guided in two directions by clear signposts.
At every junction there is a surveysign so that You can locate Yourself. That way you can determine from every junction your cyclelength and –route.  In fact, this way you can create your own cycle route.

Heusden-Zolder is part of this network (junction 301 until 307).
Here you can discover the Bovy estate, the park Terlaemen-Vogelsanck. the former colliery “the Shaft”
On your way you have a wide choice of cyclecafés, -restaurants and -hotels..

And there is more !

  • Castle cycle route: 29km. It incorporates 9 castles in the area.
  • Mountainbikeroute “Meylandt” with  two loops: 21 km or 45 km
  • Hotels and guesthouse: intresting arrangements for short stays.

Bicycle Rental: city bikes, mountain bikes and reclining bikes. Tel.: + 32 (0)11 25 21 29

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Vrunstraat 6
3550 Heusden-Zolder
Briefwisseling: Heldenplein 1

tel. 011 80 80 88
fax 011 80 80 78