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Circuit Zolder

Circuit  Zolder - Truck Grand Prix (grote weergave)

The motor cicuit of Zolder was established in 1960, on the rural estate of Terlaemen. It originated from the “Motorclub of Bolderberg”. Within three years it was further developed to host international competitions.
Zolder became famous worldwide as a result of the various Formula I Grand Prix Competitions organised on its grounds. Numerous attractive international, national and regional races, including Clean Week 2020, the  Truck Grand Prix and the 24 Hours of Zolder provide each year about 450.000 visitors with top level sports entertainment. A new, young and highly enthusiastic management team has ensured that these past few years, the Zolder Circuit has extended its activities to include international bicycle racing events. Do not forget that in 2002, the World Championships in Cross-country and Road Racing took place in Zolder.
A guided tour of the typical infrastructure of the Zolder Circuit can be arranged with the Heusden-Zolder Tourist Office.

Circuit Zolder

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